Fasta Pasta

The Original Microwave Cooker

About Us

My wife was struggling with a large pot of water for pasta dinner when she asked, “Why can’t pasta be cooked in the microwave?” We tried the infamous plastic cylinders you fill with pasta and boiling water. Doesn’t work, never did.

As an inventor, I began analyzing the pasta cooking process. I calculated 20 minutes to boil water, 10 minutes for stirring and sampling which is a 30 minute start to finish process. Pour the pot of hot water into a colander and the cooking process is complete. I decided my invention must:

1. Cook all pasta varieties to perfect al dente perfection, every time.

2. No boil over or noodles sticking together.

3. Cook pasta in half the stove-top time, so 15 minutes or less from start to finish.

4. Made of BPA free FDA approved microwave safe material.

5. No large pots, colanders, or utensils to manually wash.

6. Dishwasher safe.

7. Must be made in the USA.

In 18 months we developed the original Microwave Cooker called Fasta Pasta®. I started production while my wife began experimenting, learning it cooks more than just perfect al dente pasta. Fasta Pasta® cooks rice, vegetables, soups, casseroles and even a great chocolate cake!

Fasta Pasta® is a perfect gift for students, the elderly, disabled, the RV crowd, couples, single moms, and working families on the go.

Fasta Pasta® saves time, energy and water while producing a deliciously hot meal every time.

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