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Don’t just take our word for it! See what others have to say about the only microwave pasta cooker Made in the USA…..

From: Joy

Comments – This is the one of the best kitchen tools that I have. I'm Italian and I make a lot of pasta. This has made my life so much easier and the pasta really does come out perfectly. It's slightly al dente, just the way we love it. I give my own personal infomercials every time I have a guest and I use it. I just bought 2 more for my son in college. I ordered the cook book also and I can't wait to see it! Thank you, someone is a genius.

From: Rob

Comments –  Hi! Just wanted to let you know I bought my 24th and 25th Fasta Pasta units- of course as gifts - my 'original' is just fine! People LOVE it! The notion that it is made in the USA makes it even better. As you know, it works perfectly, every single time. I hope you are considering new products, and perhaps colors - I sure would love one in green! I miss you on QVC, and mostly buy on Amazon now. Every time I use FP at work people are amazed - in this tough economy you can either spend 7-11 bucks on carry out pasta- or you can use FP and have al dente results in minutes! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Hope all is well with you,and (pretty please) can we have one in green? All the best,

From: Linda

Comments - I love my Fasta Pasta. I not only bought one for myself, but one for every one of my six children. Pasta is my FAVORITE food and I'm glad I've found a very easy way to prepare it. Thank you so much for your wonderful, safe product!!!!

From: Rob

Comments - I just wanted you to know that the 'made in china' version on an infomercial and at drugstore's is NOTHING compared to the REAL Fasta Pasta. I use the product, and have given it as gifts to several people in my family, and in the work place. The product work's SO well, I can't imagine being without it. The notion that it is made in the USA makes it better. I think EVERYONE need's one! --Rob

From: Tracy

Comments - I just wanted to tell you (and anyone wondering whether or not they should purchase the Fasta Pasta cooker) that everything from your TV ad is 110% accurate! I have never been so pleased with a product before. It cooks my pasta perfectly every time, and it\'s such a minimal clean-up! As a college student, walking down four flights of stairs to use the kitchen lugging a pot, strainer, bowl, sauce... is ridiculous and hardly worth my time! But now I can cook right in my room. Thanks!

From: Bob

Comments - I bought the Fasta Pasta for three reasons: 1.It is the best reviewed product in its class. 2. It uses less energy than stovetop. 3. It uses plastics made in the USA that I can trust. I received it and it is great! Just like you promised. Thanks!

From: Karen

Comments - I am writing to say what fun I have had with your Fasta Pasta cooker. My sister gave it to me as a gift and I use it at least once a week often times more. It is great for cooking lasagna! Keep up the good work! Ciao, Karen

From: Lorraine in Massachusetts

Comments - I just wanted to let you know how much I love, love, love, Fasta Pasta, it is the best. The pasta comes out perfect; I will not cook it any other way, now. I purchased my Fasta Pasta from QVC, and I must say, it is one of my best purchases, ever. Thank you for a great product.

From: Lynn

Comments - Just want to let you know how much I love your product. I use it several times a week and don't know how I was able to get along without it all this time. Bravo!!!!!!

From: Jack

Comments - I bought my Fasta Pasta here in England. With our fuel prices shooting up and having only a small pension to live on, it must be saving me money on electricity bills, apart from all its other good points!

From: Fran

Comments - I am telling everyone how great this product is and that they absolutely have to have one or two!!!  Again, thanks for manufacturing in the USA.

From: Bobbie

Comments - Hi. Just a comment from a very satisfied customer. Tonight I cooked that Success Rice’ in one of your cookers and it came out perfect!

From: Nora

Comments - I bought my first Fasta Pasta last year at Bueche's Food World in Flushing, Michigan. Since then I have bought 7 more for gifts and everyone loves them. Good luck inventors.

From: Amy

Comments - I just wanted to say Thank you for helping me actually be able to cook again! My schedule is so crazy anymore and usually do not have time to cook an actual meal. With Fasta Pasta those days are gone! I wasn’t sure how good the food would actually be since I have microwaved things before and have not been happy; but Fasta Pasta actually makes microwaved food taste great! Now I can actually cook a meal and know that my family is getting something healthy instead of fast food. THANK YOU!

From:  Joy B.

Comments - This is great for pregnant don't have to stand at the stove. I just put it in the microwave & walk away. It comes out perfect every time.

From:  Bobbie H.

Comments - I only wanted to tell you what a great product you have! I will never cook pasta in a pot again. I bought 2 and I use them several times a week. I hope you can sell them in a store soon.

From:  Barbara S.

Comments - I've lived for 3.5 years in an apartment that has a kitchen but no stove (long story). I've done fine with my micro and toaster oven, but sorely missed my pasta. Over these years, I've bought 4 different micro pasta cookers... and sent them all back because they produced horrible pasta. Fasta Pasta will be my last. It makes perfect pasta and this Italian's life is now complete! Many thanks.

From:  Bob B.

Comments– Love your cooker. Single guy here that never wanted to go through the hassle of making pasta. This is so easy. I have made spaghetti and tortellini (dry) and they both came out perfectly. Sorry have to go and make some more spaghetti - really! Thanks for a product that actually lives up to its claims.

From:  Rob

Comments - Just a note to tell you how impressed I am with your unique product! I became aware of it when I was working on a motion picture being filmed in the WashingtonDC area. Catering on film and television productions are always great, but this was special- late at night everyone was served a sensational al-dente angel hair pasta dish - yum! I assumed it came from a local vendor- but NO, it was made with Fasta Pasta! Amazing! If you can keep Hollywood people happy and asking for more -that says something! I am happy you have made the product available online, and that it is made in the USA! I can't wait to get mine, and probably a few more for friends. This product is simply OUTSTANDING!

From:  Jim

Comments-  Wow! What a surprise to see your product actually work upon arrival in my home. I have been searching for ways to cut down my cooking time, being a single father of 3 boys, I was not really educated in the cooking department. I find myself creating more trouble than dishes. Thanks to your product, at least now I know that I can eliminate about 1/2 my prep time, which allows more time to play with my growing boys. Thank You for keeping it American. I am a proud vet and try to buy American made products, especially when one works as well as yours does. I will be purchasing several more of the cooker to give away as gifts. Excellent Work!!

From:  Claire J.

Comments - Thanks a bunch to the inventor of the Fasta Pasta Cooker. Have used mine for six months now and wouldn't cook pasta any other way.

From:  Ellen J.

Comments - My husband cooked some ravioli for himself and lo and behold he said I
finally purchased something worthwhile. How about that?
Great product, I just emailed one of my friends with the info. I'm now trying to figure out how to utilize my entire address book. LOL

P.S. got any more things in the pipe line?

From: Paula T.

Comments - A few weeks ago I purchased your pasta cooker....and I am writing to tell you how great your product is. I can't stop raving about it (my daughter bought one the same day after I tried mine) The pasta is perfect. It doesn't all stick together, nor do I have to put unwanted oil in the pot to prevent sticking...I love this product and can't thank you enough for making this and especially making it in the USA!!!!! Thanks again....your product is incredible. 

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